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Partnering with Technion UK brings top speakers to St Albans screens

St Albans United Synagogue partnered with Technion UK to offer members the opportunity of hearing two fascinating talks (via Zoom).

The first featured the now-famous Rewalk system, the first commercially available exoskeleton in the world, explained for us by its inventor, Dr Amit Goffer. Amit, who studied at the Technion, was confined to a wheelchair following an accident; this was the impetus for the creation of the Rewalk bodysuit, which allowed him and others to ‘walk’ upright again.

He was followed by Claire Lomas MBE, a former event rider who became a paraplegic as a result of a riding accident. Her inspiring tale of how she became the very first UK user of the ReWalk body suit, and how, with its aid, she achieved a remarkable feat by finishing the 2012 London Marathon in 17 days, brought the session to an emotional conclusion. A recording of the talk may still be accessed on the internet at:

Claire Lomas crosses the line at the Great North Run in the ReWalk exoskeleton

Claire Lomas MBE

Speakers at the second talk, entitled ‘The Security of Israel’, were Brigadier General Daniel Gold, the man who invented the Iron Dome, one of the world’s best defence systems, and Brigadier General Daniel Nagel, head of the Technion’s Institute for Defence Studies.