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"Whether you’re on your own, single, divorced, widowed or a one-parent family, we will make sure you’re not left seated by yourself."

Elissa Da Costa-Waldman

"I’ll never forget how welcome I felt the first time I went to St Albans shul. By the end of the service, I felt I’d been a member all my life."

Simon Lubin

"My wife and I really enjoy our warm shul and its friendly congregation. Even our three sons, aged between 15 and 26, acquiesce that the atmosphere is the nicest they have experienced in any shul."

Ian Rothstein

"Our guests were blown away by the kindness shown by the Rabbi and the entire congregation on the occasion of our son’s barmitzvah."

Amanda Fisher

"We all really like this shul, and we are huge fans of Rabbi Daniel and Alli."

Laura Silverman

“When my husband and I first joined the shul, we had a toddler and another baby on the way, so we were delighted not only by the welcome we received from Rabbi Daniel and Rebbetzin Alli, but also to find how well all of us, especially the children, were integrated into the community. And as the icing on the cake, we were pleased to discover that the very reasonable membership fees didn’t make too big a dent in our family budget.”

Suzy Ryan

"We love being part of this community, and have made some lovely friends over the years."

Rosalind Bailey