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Following the ruling of The Supreme Court in December 2009, most Jewish schools require the completion of a “Certificate of Religious Practice” as part of the entrance process. The process is based on a points system.

One of the ways that “points” can be attained for the purposes of the CRP is through synagogue attendance. Synagogue attendance “points” count towards your total number, but attendance alone may not be enough to meet your points requirement. Please note that points are only awarded for Shabbat morning attendance. Friday night and Yom Tovs will not count. To obtain your points, you will need to attend the entire service.

To find out the exact requirements of your chosen schools and to obtain a CRP form, you need to contact the schools directly.
If you would like to have your child’s attendance registered for the purpose of a CRP, you must register your child with the shul before the first attendance to be registered by e-mailing our administrator:

In the light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, if you are applying to a Jewish school for admission in September 2022, you are still required to earn a CRP certificate. For more information about CPR, please click here:

In order to make the CRP process for this year as simple and workable as possible, the Office of the Chief Rabbi and the United Synagogue are reviewing the existing CRP to determine revised criteria. It is assumed that any revised criteria will be in force for admissions for 2021/22 only, in order to take account of current conditions. Once the revised criteria for 2021/22 have been finalised, hoped to be in the very near future, a revised CRP form will be available from the schools in due course. Meanwhile, it is requested that you do not contact the schools’ admissions officer or your local synagogue about this matter until there is a published resolution.

For more information about CRP, click here: